1: The legendary Bill Murray returns in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, sporting his iconic jumpsuit once again. Get ready for a chilling adventure like never before!

2: Join Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters team as they face a new frozen empire. Will they save the day or be frozen in time forever?

3: Experience the nostalgia of the original Ghostbusters with a modern twist in Frozen Empire. Bill Murray's return is sure to bring back memories.

4: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer promises thrills, chills, and laughter galore with Bill Murray leading the charge. Get ready for a chilling ride!

5: Bill Murray's classic humor shines through in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, as he battles new foes in a frozen empire. Are you ready to be entertained?

6: Witness the return of Bill Murray in his jumpsuit as he fights to save the world in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire. Get ready for an epic showdown!

7: The Ghostbusters are back, and this time they face a frozen empire. Bill Murray leads the charge in this thrilling new adventure. Don't miss out!

8: Bill Murray reprises his role as a Ghostbuster in Frozen Empire, facing new challenges in a frozen world. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs and thrills!

9: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer showcases Bill Murray's return in a jumpsuit, ready to take on a frozen empire. Get excited for a nostalgic yet fresh adventure!

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