1: Dominic West, known for his role in The Affair, admitted that his 2020 photos with Lily James caused stress for his wife.

2: The actor confessed that the scandal surrounding his intimate photos with Lily James took a toll on his marriage.

3: Dominic West's wife, Catherine Fitzgerald, reportedly found the photos of him and Lily James deeply distressing.

4: The actor faced backlash for his public display with Lily James and later apologized to his wife for the incident.

5: Reports claim that Catherine Fitzgerald was shocked and upset by the photos of Dominic West and Lily James.

6: Despite the controversy, Dominic West has spoken out about the impact the scandal had on his family.

7: The actor's admission about the stressful nature of the photoshoot with Lily James has caused speculation about the state of his marriage.

8: Fans of Dominic West have been following the developments of the scandal closely and are curious to see how it will affect his career.

9: As the story unfolds, Dominic West continues to navigate the fallout from the photos with Lily James and the impact on his personal life.

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