1: Get an exclusive look at the Twisters Super Bowl trailer. Director and cast discuss the sequel's nods to the original.

2: Breaking down the Easter eggs hidden in the new Twisters trailer. A must-see for fans of the original film.

3: Director John Smith talks about the challenges of creating a sequel to a beloved classic like Twisters.

4: Cast members reveal their favorite moments from filming Twisters 2. Find out what's in store for the franchise.

5: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Twisters 2. Exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.

6: Breaking down the action-packed scenes in the Twisters Super Bowl trailer. Get ready for more thrills and twists.

7: The evolution of the Twisters franchise. How the sequel stays true to the original while adding new elements.

8: Director John Smith shares his vision for the future of the Twisters series. What's next for this iconic franchise?

9: Twisters fans, get ready for a wild ride with the upcoming sequel. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated film.

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