1: Guest Mentors Maluma and Saweetie bring fresh perspectives to The Voice season 25 Playoffs.

2: Maluma and Saweetie's mentorship inspires contestants to reach new heights on The Voice.

3: Tune in to see Maluma and Saweetie guide contestants through the intense Playoffs on The Voice.

4: Contestants on The Voice season 25 benefit from valuable advice from Maluma and Saweetie.

5: The Voice Playoffs become even more exciting with the addition of Maluma and Saweetie.

6: Find out how Maluma and Saweetie help contestants shine on The Voice Playoffs.

7: Maluma and Saweetie's expertise brings a new dynamic to The Voice season 25 Playoffs.

8: Don't miss Maluma and Saweetie's impactful mentorship on The Voice Playoffs.

9: Witness the magic as Maluma and Saweetie join The Voice to coach contestants to victory.

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