1: John Cena stars as Zac Efron's fake friend in Ricky Stanicky trailer. Hilarity ensues as the duo navigates a hilarious mix-up.

2: Watch as Cena and Efron showcase their comedic chops in this buddy comedy. Can their friendship withstand a web of lies?

3: With Cena's brawn and Efron's charm, the duo is a match made in comedic heaven. Don't miss their on-screen chemistry!

4: As Cena's character poses as the titular Ricky Stanicky, Efron gets caught in the middle of the charade. Will their friendship survive?

5: Discover the true meaning of friendship as Cena and Efron navigate the hilarity of mistaken identities. Laughter is guaranteed!

6: From action-packed scenes to heartfelt moments, Cena and Efron shine in this comedy. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs!

7: Join Cena and Efron on a wild adventure full of twists and turns. Will their friendship come out stronger in the end?

8: Laughs, friendship, and betrayals collide in this must-watch comedy. Cena and Efron deliver a performance you won't forget.

9: Experience the bromance of the year with Cena and Efron in Ricky Stanicky. Get ready for a comedy that will leave you in stitches!

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