1: Celebrate NCIS 1000th episode with Cote de Pablo and Tony DiNozzo spinoff tease.

2: Ziva and Tony fans excited for potential NCIS spinoff after Cote de Pablo's hint.

3: Cote de Pablo hints at Tony and Ziva reunion in new NCIS 1000th episode video.

4: Could Tony and Ziva spinoff be in the works? Cote de Pablo drops clues.

5: NCIS 1000th episode celebration video teases Tony and Ziva reunion spinoff.

6: Cote de Pablo's NCIS anniversary video sparks Tony and Ziva spinoff rumors.

7: Fans speculate on potential Tony and Ziva spinoff after Cote de Pablo's tease.

8: Cote de Pablo hints at exciting future for Tony and Ziva in NCIS 1000th episode.

9: Is a Tony and Ziva spinoff on the horizon? Cote de Pablo's video suggests so.

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