1: NCIS recap The good fake doctor: Dr. Confalone helps the team solve a murder case with his unconventional methods.

2: Gibbs and Bishop work to uncover the truth behind the murder of a Navy officer, while Torres deals with a difficult decision.

3: McGee and Delilah navigate their new roles as parents, as a dangerous serial killer threatens the team.

4: Dr. Mallard faces a personal dilemma as he investigates a suspicious death at a retirement home.

5: NCIS races against the clock to stop a terrorist plot, with Director Vance making a shocking decision to save the day.

6: The team faces a tough moral dilemma when a Marine's suicide leads them to a corrupt pharmaceutical company.

7: Bishop goes undercover to expose a criminal organization, while Gibbs grapples with his past mistakes.

8: Torres confronts his dark past as a former undercover agent, while the team races to stop a deadly virus from spreading.

9: NCIS uncovers a conspiracy within the government, as the team's loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

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