1: NCIS star Cote de Pablo stuns fans with her rare return to screens. Excitement builds for the upcoming spinoff show.

2: Fans eagerly anticipate seeing Cote de Pablo reprise her role. The actress's return is met with overwhelming support and excitement.

3: Cote de Pablo's presence on screen is a welcome sight for fans. The spinoff show's announcement has generated a buzz among viewers.

4: Reaction to Cote de Pablo's return to screens is overwhelmingly positive. Fans express their enthusiasm for the upcoming spinoff show.

5: Cote de Pablo's comeback is met with cheers from fans. The actress's return signals an exciting new chapter for the beloved NCIS franchise.

6: Fans are thrilled to see Cote de Pablo back in action. The spinoff show's announcement has fans buzzing with anticipation.

7: Cote de Pablo's return sparks joy among fans. Excitement mounts as the actress gears up for her role in the upcoming spinoff show.

8: Fans shower Cote de Pablo with love as she returns to screens. The spinoff show's announcement has ignited a wave of excitement.

9: Cote de Pablo's rare return to screens garners attention from fans. The upcoming spinoff show promises to be a hit with viewers.

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