1: "Pam Grier, a trailblazing actress, still feels the effects of doing her own stunts in 'Foxy Brown' today."

2: "Despite the physical toll, Grier insisted on doing her own stunts to bring authenticity to her roles."

3: "Her dedication to the craft led to iconic performances and cemented her status as a Hollywood legend."

4: "Grier's commitment to authenticity and fearlessness on set set her apart in the male-dominated film industry."

5: "Even 50 years later, Pam Grier's impact as a pioneer for women in film is still felt today."

6: "Her influence on the action genre and representation of strong Black women in cinema is unparalleled."

7: "Grier's legacy as a trailblazer and icon continues to inspire generations of actors and filmmakers."

8: "Despite the lasting injuries, Pam Grier remains proud of the work she did on 'Foxy Brown' and beyond."

9: "Her fearless spirit and determination to do her own stunts set her apart as a true Hollywood legend."

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