1: Witness a spectacular sight as a possible meteor blazes across Melbourne's night sky.

2: Shooting star or cosmic visitor? Catch a glimpse of the mysterious celestial event.

3: Astro enthusiasts and stargazers delight in the rare sighting of a meteor streaking above.

4: Join the discussion as locals, scientists, and astronomers debate the origins of the phenomenon.

5: Capture the moment with photos and videos of the dazzling display illuminating Melbourne's darkness.

6: Marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature's light show as the meteor leaves a brilliant trail.

7: Admire the celestial event from different vantage points across the cityscape of Melbourne.

8: Discover the science behind meteors and their role in Earth's atmosphere in this captivating web story.

9: Reflect on the awe-inspiring sight of a possible meteor slicing through Melbourne's tranquil night.

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