1: "Sydney Sweeney stars in 'Immaculate,' a chilling horror movie about an unholy pregnancy."

2: "Watch the creepy trailer for 'Immaculate' and prepare to be terrified by Sydney Sweeney's performance."

3: "In 'Immaculate,' Sydney Sweeney's character experiences a pregnancy like no other in this horrifying tale."

4: "Discover the dark secrets lurking in 'Immaculate' as Sydney Sweeney faces an unimaginable horror."

5: "Experience fear like never before as Sydney Sweeney's character in 'Immaculate' battles a sinister force."

6: "Sydney Sweeney delivers a spine-chilling performance in 'Immaculate' as she confronts her unholy pregnancy."

7: "Uncover the mystery behind Sydney Sweeney's eerie pregnancy in the haunting new movie 'Immaculate.'"

8: "Prepare for a thrill ride as Sydney Sweeney navigates a terrifying pregnancy in the unsettling film 'Immaculate.'"

9: "Explore the dark depths of horror as Sydney Sweeney stars in 'Immaculate,' a tale of an unholy pregnancy."

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