1: The Office team is buzzing with excitement as new hires from Star Wars and White Lotus join the cast.

2: The galaxy's favorite characters and resort staff bring fresh energy to Dunder Mifflin.

3: Meet the quirky new additions who are sure to shake things up in Scranton.

4: Dwight Schrute is eager to interrogate the Stormtroopers, while Michael Scott welcomes them with open arms.

5: Pam Beesly is in awe of the Jedi's wisdom, while Jim Halpert tries to prank the newcomers.

6: Toby Flenderson is already writing up accident reports for the potential mishaps.

7: The White Lotus team adds a touch of luxury to the mundane office environment.

8: Jan Levinson eagerly tries to recruit the new employees for her side business ventures.

9: Stay tuned to see how the clash of cultures unfolds in the hilarious world of The Office.

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